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Got to love air pistols that look like real pistols 😜😍👀

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  • My baby 😍

    Went to London last weekend with my baby girl I loved ever moment of it loved going to the war museum as am a collector of ww2 items I had amazing day thank you babe sorry for the late post 🙈 @_millyj.xo

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  • My girl 😍😚

    Love my dog 💜😂😂

    Having this done in 5 weeks time 😬

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  • Don’t even ask why I did this 😂😂😂

    Sick night out good to see all my old mates love them all 😘 @caseytrappitt485 @george_baker1234 @jordonslingo @brethr13 @sargeant_angle

    Love air pistols #lead pellets 😈😈😈💨💨💨