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Give me shells over donuts and Portugal over Spain any day 🐚

A woman’s best friend (herself ) 🌻💛 #solotravel

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  • I saw gelato 🍦

    Nothing like the homeland to inspire some father-daughter bonding 💙

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  • We are not your average drowned rats 💁🏻‍♀️🐶

    Hadn’t even had one drink yet, I’m just a natural mess 👍 Thanks for a perfect night @angelicacosti 😚

    Asking Nala for tips on how to be graceful 🐶✨

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  • So proud at least one of us is seeing that law degree through #itaintme

    The wall is uni 😅

    Today's excursion saw me lose a second pair of sunnies in less than a week 😎 #thisiswhyicanthavenicethings

    Remember when I still had my favourite sunnies and my Nikes weren't trashed? Neither 🙂

    Spent my birthday roaming some cliffs and I'm not mad about it 🌊💙

    Deciding whether to get my gypsy soul back to Europe in four months or take an East Coast summer road trip with @alexnovak_ 🤔 #decisionsdecisions #backtobackwinters

    I went into Morocco with an open mind and no expectations, and it was truly beautiful #contiki #spainmoroccoportugal

    It was amazing to finally admire this incredibly beautiful sight with my own eyes... I'll be back for you soon Barcelona! 😍 #soinlove #barcelona #contiki